6 June 2013

Skirts 7th and 8th

Using the same pattern from Ottobre Woman 5/2007

28 August 2012

A coat

The pattern is from the Finnish sewing magazine Suuri Käsityökerho. It was relatively easy to sew, but I have admit I had huge problems in sleeve fitting. Fortunately I got brilliant advice from a prof how to do it at the end.  The sleeves were huge in size compared to the hole were they maent to be fitted...
I'm very pleased with the pattern, colour and the fitting, but my choice for the material could have been more for outerwear purposes. If it is very windy or rainy, you get cold in this jacket, so it is meant only for sunny and still sunny days.

5 January 2012

The version of the bag 2012.1

It's so japanese, so japanese and Marimekko.  The pattern is from french pattern magasine. The material is from Marimekko outlet, not original Marimekko bag-material, but anyway very suitable for bags.

4 January 2012

This Barbara

from 2/2010 Ottobre used almost all my nerves. The simple look of the pattern makes you think it's done in one evening. You are so wrong. It took me quite time to start Barbara in summer 2010, but got it finally finished in hot summer 2011.

Sizing was correct for me, but maybe my choice for the material was not. It was very good quality linen, but maybe too heavy for this purpose. If I remember right I first thought to sew this without the elastic on a waist. This Barbara turned out to be so wide I could have been two or even three sizes bigger to wear it.

The quality of my pictures is lousy. I know it, but I'll try to fix it somehow later... I quess I have to pay more lollipops to my photographer. And as a proper Finn I have to also apologize my English. Please be patient with my grammar mistakes, because there will be plenty of them...

3 January 2012

Three little summer skirts

We had a splendid summer vacation in Provence, France, last summer. Can you imagine what pressure a woman can create herself when travelling to a country where women are worldwide known to be very elegant even in everyday basis? So I desided I needed at least new skirts for the trip. The pattern is from Ottobre, which seems to be my pattern library in every sewing project I do. The issue is 5/2007. This is one of the few skirt models fit me well. I just wonder how many times I will use it again in the future.

The material is from Marimekko outlet. I guess it was used in some of their collections.

Made from Estonian linen.
I got to admit sewing three similar skirts is very boring at the same time though easy and practical...

Something very little

for our godson for Christmas. The pants and the shirt are made using Ottobre patters. The car application was the first one I have ever done. It was great fun.

30 December 2011

Need for a snack.

I needed something quick to sew. This shirt from Ottobre 5/2007 was perfect for it. Instead of wool I used viscose mixture interlock. I made only two minor modertions to the patter; 3/4 sleeves and narrowing them also a bit.

The shirt turned out very Muji like and I have to say I'm very pleased with it.

30 May 2011

Vastaus haaste kakkoseen

Kävin tuossa taannoin pyhiinvaellusmatkalla Tallinnassa, josta mukana tuli ne aiemmin mainitsemani lähes sata vetoketjua. Tein paristakymmenesta vetskarista piirtäjälle tussipussukan. Siitä tuli tälläinen. Linkitin kuvan haasteesta täältä.